Monthly Snapshot - July 2021

IATI Secretariat • 13 July 2021


The Monthly ‘IATI Connect Snapshot’ provides you with an overview of past and upcoming activities across the platform. Stay up to date on progress within our Groups, and find ways to engage with the wider IATI Community. IATI Connect continues to expand, with nearly 850 accounts! Keep helping us to expand our Community by encouraging your contacts to sign up.


In the Spotlight


IATI Connect Announcements

In line with our commitment to consistently work to make IATI Connect more useful for the Community, we are happy to announce the following two updates to the platform:

  1. Release of Connect Collaborate-extension

The new IATI ‘Connect Collaborate’-extension is now live! Using this tool you can co-edit texts, and work jointly with other users on a shared piece of content via track changes or by leaving comments. You can read more about this new extension in our two-pager or via this link. In case you have any questions about this new extension, or would like a demo, please let us know via

  1. ‘Topics’ will become ‘Content

Based on your feedback, we will be renaming ‘Topics’ into ‘Content’. Use the content tab inside any Group to share documents or resources with the Community. This will take effect by 1 August.

Do you have other ideas for optimizing IATI Connect? Do let us know by leaving a comment here.


Country Development Finance Data

Two new data use resources have been launched for IATI’s Country Development Finance Data tool.

Understand and analyse IATI data more easily by using new Guidance and a new Excel Analysis Dashboard.

IATI’s Country Development Finance Data (CDFD) tool  supports better access to data requested most frequently by IATI partner country governments. The  tool allows users to download Excel-formatted data on commitments, disbursements and expenditures, presented by country and region. Visit the Country Development Finance Data tool to start your analysis!


New to IATI Connect?

Welcome to our community platform, IATI Connect! In order to start connecting and benefiting from IATI Connect, make sure to read our user guide (FR/ES) with all the information you need. You can also join any of our Groups, for example the Newbies Corner is a digital space where newbies can find useful information, ask questions, engage in peer learning and help make the on-boarding process as smooth as possible!

IATI Connect Stories

Check out the next edition of IATI Connect Stories, our monthly video series showcasing the work of an IATI community member. This month, Imaeyen Okon, Senior Data Management Officer at the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH), describes the organisation’s interest in IATI data, the CanWaCH’s Project Explorer tool and their data visualization tools. 

You can also watch this video in French or Spanish. Check out all previous Connect Stories on our videos page.

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In Case You Missed It…


Discussion: Datastore Outage - Supporting Datastore Classic via DUWG

Mark Brough, Chair of the Data Use Working Group has signposted the IATI Datastore Classic as an alternative tool for users to continue accessing IATI data during the period while the IATI Datastore is being upgraded and integrated into IATI’s new unified single platform. Find out more here


Event: Training on the Country Development Finance Data tool

This month we had a Group Training for partner country governments on the new resources now available for use alongside the Country Development Finance Data tool. In addition, One on One Trainings are being held throughout July. If you are a partner country government representative and would like to schedule a One on One Training, please reach out to Sarah McDuff  at


Content: Using near real-time data on aid flows: Lessons learnt

Community member Bill Anderson shares lessons learnt from a recent experience of using near real-time data to examine donor response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Analysis of the data highlighted an urgent need for timely, disaggregated data. Make sure to read the blog post to know more!


Content: Poll on Consolidating Publisher IDs

Community member Sarah Scholz seeks feedback on the ways in which umbrella organisations manage publishing data from more than one entity. Does your organisation have sub-entities that report through multiple publisher ID’s? If so, then join the discussion to share tips on how you are using the IATI Standard to do this and any relevant feedback you’ve received from those using your data.

Events Coming Up!


IATI Data Use Drop-In 

26 July 2021 - 12:30-13:30 (UTC)

Tune into our monthly IATI Data Use Drop-In’s third edition! The session is a great opportunity to ask members of the Secretariat any questions you might have on accessing or analysing IATI data. It’s also a great way to share experiences with other members of the community. Make sure to enroll here and join via Zoom. As always, feel free to reach out directly for support at any time via


Data Use Working Group Meeting

27 July 2021 - 14:00-15:00 (UTC)

The IATI Data Use Working Group (DUWG) is a multi-stakeholder group of volunteers from the IATI community who work on increasing the use of IATI data. The DUWG meetings take place every other week and are open to anyone in the IATI community. Don’t forget to enroll and tune into the meeting via Zoom. If you are interested in sharing your example of IATI data use, please contact the group Chair Mark Brough ( or Secretariat member Anna Whitson (