We are pleased to announce the release of a new extension called ‘Connect Collaborate’. Through this tool you can collaboratively and simultaneously co-edit text with other members of the IATI community. The feature allows you to use track-changes or leave  a comment to ask  for feedback on a document, work together on the programme for a future event, collect inputs on your next strategic plan and much more!

As author of the text you need to follow these easy steps to start your own Connect and Collaborate-document:

STEP 1: Create your Collaboration-Topic

  • Connect Collaborate only works by creating Topics: click ‘+’ on the top menu bar, then ‘create new Topic’. Alternatively create a Topic inside your Group;
  • Make sure it is clear to others that this is a collaborative post by adding ‘Collaboration’ at the start of your title;
  • Do note that importing a document is not possible, so you will have to copy-paste the text into the Topic;

STEP 2: Choose the right collaboration settings 

  • Make sure your Topic features in the right Group or leave this open (through ‘Access Permissions’);
  • Select whether to allow other users to leave comments and/or suggest direct changes to the text (through ‘Settings’);
  • Check the appropriate box(es) and make sure the ‘Publish’-box is checked;

STEP 3: Connect Collaborate!

  • Via the Collaboration tab you can monitor any comments and/or track changes made by other contributors;
  • Two important final notes to authors:
    • Only (co-)authors are able to approve suggestions or accept / reject track changes;
    • Downloading or exporting all comments is not possible. Before creating the final / agreed text, make sure to store comments (e.g. by creating a screenshot);

Being a contributor is simple: click on the ‘Collaboration’-tab and directly make track changes in the text. If you want to leave a comment make sure to click on the button that enables comments (see image below).


In case you have any suggestions or questions on the use of Connect Collaborate, you can reach us via connect@iatistandard.org



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