As shared in this news post on the IATI website, a new IATI data access tool has been released that responds to the needs of partner countries for a simple Excel-formatted set of data on projections and spending by country. 

Visit Country Development Finance Data tool


The tool was created by the IATI Secretariat as an interim measure to support simple access to the kinds of data requested most frequently by IATI partner country governments. 

The upcoming Virtual Community Exchange on 13 April 2021 will feature a session that covers the basics of what the tool offers and how to use it to access and analyse data. 

The Secretariat will also be providing additional guidance in the coming months on how to analyse the data in the Excel outputs, and will offer one-to-one training for partner country government officials in April-June. 

Additional details on the rationale for this work and the methodology used to process the data are available on the site, along with data notes including a downloadable set of data by publishers. 


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