Hello there Data Publishing Community, I am excited to introduce you all to ‘TolaData’ - a new tool for IATI publishing and reporting. TolaData is a web-based monitoring and evaluation (M&E) software for the not-for-profit sector. With easy-to-use tools for the full data cycle, TolaData helps organisations manage projects and indicator plans, and track progress and report results, all in one platform. Recently, TolaData has mapped all its data to the IATI standard and added specific IATI requirements to support organisations in easy reporting of activity results according to the IATI Standard.

In partnership with Data4Development (D4D), TolaData offers comprehensive IATI reporting, publishing, training and consultancy services. Results data from TolaData is combined using D4Ds Spreadsheet2IATI Converter tool with all other necessary project and financial data provided by the organization to produce one fully compliant and high-quality IATI dataset, validated and published on the IATI Registry every quarter on your behalf.

If you are looking for a simple and reliable tool to create, publish and report your IATI data, then it might be worth checking out our website or request a demo of the platform. 

If you have questions about the platform, then simply email us

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