Session Description

Aid is changing in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, with short-term, and possibly long-term, effects. Since September 2020, Development Initiatives has been using near real-time IATI data to track these changes and identify trends in aid spending under COVID-19. This session focused on East Africa analysis, providing an overview of aid trends at regional level and situating these within the wider context of trends in national budgets through one or two deep dives into individual countries. The main goals of this session were to demonstrate the added value of IATI data in enabling near real-time analysis of trends in aid spending at regional and country levels, providing valuable, timely insights not available from other global data sources such as the OECD DAC; and to provide a feedback loop to IATI publishers by identifying remaining gaps and quality issues that need to be addressed to further increase the usability of IATI data by stakeholders at country level.

Video Recording

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