Publishing 101: Publishing Flow

Audrey Migot-Adholla - IATI Tech Team • 9 April 2021
in group Newbies Corner

Step-by-Step Publishing Flow

1 Get familiar with how published IATI data is structured.Understand the elements and codelists. Look at d-portal and Datastore to see how published data is presented.

2 Find your Organisation ID - you will need this to create your IATI account. Search the Org ID website for your organisation's registration agency

3 Register on the IATI website. You will need a user account and a publisher account for your organisation.

4 Choose the publishing tool that you will use to publish your data from the list on the IATI website.

5 Decide what data you will publish (some donors have specific requirements)

6 Prepare your data. You will need to create an Organisation file and an Activity File. Published data is in XML format (some of the publishing tools convert it for you).

7 Publish your data.

8 Take a moment to check for any data validation errors. Your publishing tool might highlight these, but you can also check using the IATI Validator.

9 Check IATI Registry to see your data. You can also check d-portal 24 hours after you publish.

10 Improve and update your data. This ensures that it will be useful for other organisations and data users. Use the IATI Dashboard or see how other organisations have visualised IATI data.


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