We offer reference code vocabularies for results and indicators. While trying to resolve some data processing issues, I had a few observations on how to improve orthogonality of the standard.

  • For indicators, it says “Multiple vocabularies may be specified, but each vocabulary may be specified only once for each indicator.”. For results, this is not specified.
  • This makes it impossible to use two different reference codes from two separate organisation-specific vocabularies (for instance to include a partnership-specific code).
  • For sectors, we added code “98” to have the option of a second organisation-specific vocabulary. These could be included in the result and indicator vocabularies as well.
  • For sectors and results, it is possible to add an attribute @vocabulary-uri to specify which vocabulary is used. For indicators, this attribute is called @indicator-uri, although it is described as a vocabulary uri too.

A bit of a mixed bag. I think the “98” codes could be added in a decimal upgrade, the rest probably could be taken into account for a major upgrade?

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