There is still time to join this week’s launch of the 2022 Aid Transparency Index. The launch will highlight the current state of aid transparency, track the progress of major development agencies and examine how we can tackle real world issues with global aid data. It is researched and produced by Publish What You Fund every two years and its launch is a significant moment in the calendar for development stakeholders across the globe. The 2022 edition will mark the ten-year anniversary of the Index and will provide an opportunity to mark the extraordinary progress made over that time. As well as unveiling the results of the 2022 Aid Transparency Index, we’ll also be hearing from governments, donors, researchers and civil society organisations about the importance of transparent aid data and how they are using it.


The launch of the 2022 Aid Transparency Index is on 13 July at 2:30 BST. 2022 marks the tenth anniversary of the Index, the only independent measure of #aidtransparency among the world’s major aid organisations. #2020index

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