The Datastore is being upgraded and integrated into IATI’s new unified single platform (announced in Technical Notices: #1 and #2). This work is taking place during the quieter summer months and is due to be completed before the end of the year.

Alternatives for accessing IATI data

While we carry out this work, users can access IATI data using the following options:

Query Builder users:

  • IATI Datastore Classic: Access the original version of the IATI Datastore. Search data by a set of key filters and download activities with all data fields in .xml and .json formats, or with a subset of data fields in .csv.

(Tool supported by IATI through the IATI Data Use Working Group)

(Tool managed by IATI) 

  • d-portal: Search activities by a key set of filters and view visualisations of data in charts, graphs and maps.

(Tool managed by IATI)

  • This Datastore is no longer managed by IATI. It is now maintained externally and may not have the same services as offered previously here.

(Tool managed by Zimmerman)

API users:

  • All API calls to are now redirected to IATI Datastore Classic. Issues relating to the Datastore Classic API should be posted in its Github repository.
  • Users can choose to access recent IATI Datastore API services from

A full list of IATI data tools provided by IATI and the IATI community is updated regularly and available on IATI Connect

Support available

If you require additional support to access the IATI data you need, please contact the IATI Helpdesk: We have been contacting our known users and will continue to proactively engage with those we have previously supported in using our tools. We are here to help, so please do reach out!

Alternatively, bring your data queries to IATI’s monthly Data Use Drop-In Sessions and get on-the-spot support from the IATI Secretariat or from other data users who join the session. The next session is scheduled for 26 July 2021 12:30 - 13:30 (UTC)

Launching the Datastore on IATI’s single unified platform

IATI’s Secretariat looks forward to launching the Datastore on IATI’s single unified platform and will continue to post updates as this project progresses. 

For any questions about the IATI Datastore or other IATI services, please email IATI’s Helpdesk:

Comments (2)

S. Vaessen

Who made the decision to redirect API calls to an older version of the Datastore ("Classic") - the bulk of redirects simply do not work and wil not work as it will take a huge effort in Datastore Classic to support these calls and access to data. A redirect from the API to the API would actually ensure users have access to ALL API CALLS as they had on the Datastore V2.

What is the rationale for offering quasi access to IATI Datastore data while a simple redirect to would offer users the same prior to IATI's decision to no longer support the IATI Datastore V2?

This is a bit beyond me tbh and is a huge step backwards in time for IATI. aka IATI Datastore has been built for IATI and in part by IATI. The lack of understanding of how to keep data systems in place or at least offer data users a simple redirect to the IATI Datastore is disturbing to say the least.

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  • leo stolk

    Dear Siem.
    The decision to default redirect API calls to datastore classic was made by the board.
    Most known IATI datastore users have been advised to redirect their API calls to and it is also given as an option on the holding page.
    However, we didn’t consider it to be right to do a default redirect to a service that we didn’t have a service agreement for.
    The DUWG was supportive and a service agreement has been signed for datastore classic.
    Melinda and Leo

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