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Sander  Hees - IATI Secretariat
Sander Hees - IATI Secretariat • 10 May 2022
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Dear IATI Community,

On 4 May the IATI Secretariat hosted its first IATI Info Session. These quarterly Info Sessions offer an informal and informative space to learn more about the basics of IATI. Our Info Sessions are open to anyone with an interest in the field of transparency of development and humanitarian resources. 

Stay tuned for our next IATI Info Session, scheduled at the Virtual Community Exchange on Tuesday 28 June. Register here!

Did you miss the IATI Info Session on 4 May? Please find the presentation and / or watch the full recording. And check out the Q&A of the first Info Session below: 






1What percentage of developmental funds gets reported? Are 1400 organisations a lot? What value of funds is reported?We nearly equal what the DAC has in terms of large donor funding. However, some key actors are missing such as China and Japan. We are also missing smaller development banks. In terms of NGO coverage still a long way to go to cover them all, but we are able to trace funds for donors that do mandate IATI publishing.
2Which countries have rules requiring organisations that receive their aid to publish data to IATI?United Kingdom, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
3Does IATI provide detailed location-level data? If yes, does not it create a security issue for the sponsors or partners org?Publishers are able to provide sub-national level location data such as geo-coordinates. IATI recommends publishing this data only when this doesn't create a security issue. Such decisions need to be made by the publisher and their partners.
4Does IATI have an API for the data or perhaps allow scraping on their platforms (dportal, cdfd)?

Yes, we provide the IATI Datastore API to access the data. You can access the API here:…;

If you have any further technical questions about the API please contact us at

5How do you deal with multiple reporting of one project? For example, a project funded by a governmental institution to a European NGO, that transfers these funds to a local NGO? Do all three institutions report in IATI the same project? Yes, we want all institutions to publish data to IATI. Each should publish data from their perspective. For instance, the government institution will publish funds they distributed to the European NGO, the European NGO then publishes that they received these funds, what their expenditures were and the funds they distributed further along to the local NGO. The local NGO will publish what they received and how the funds were spent.
6Is there a specific license on the IATI data use e.g. CreativeCommons?There is no specific limitation, everybody can see data published on IATI.

If you have further questions or feedback, please share your comments through the comment-box below or contact us via

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