Susan Sekirime posted in Newbies Corner

[~621] , i seem to have found another isssue am not sure how to handle. Our project is funded by two donors who already publish on IATI. The original donor does not require us to publish here, they do it themselves and have published about the support they give to our project. In doing so, they have already created an activity identifier for our project. The new donor has asked us to publish here, and have specified the activity identifier we shoud use. The challenge is that when i read about the composition of an activity identifier, it includes part of a publisher's organization ID, which we will create for our organization when creating our publisher account. how do i deal with the multiple activity identifiers that alreaady exist or prescribed for our project, and how do i create one that will also include our organization ID?

Audrey Migot-Adholla - IATI Tech Team

Hi Susan, excellent question and glad that you posted it here.
In the situation you describe, when you publish you can refer to the donor as a "participating organisation" and their role will be listed as "funding".
In addition, you can specify the amount of funds from each donor at the transaction level and for each donor you can specify the @ref and @provider-activity-id. More details here:…
Once you have registered a publisher account on IATI, you will always have your own Org-id and Activity ID for any activities that you publish, with donors listed as participating organisations.
I hope that all makes sense, let me know if you have further questions.

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