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Videos - user guidance for IATI Query Builder
In last week's DUWG, we discussed that we have an open contract to deliver a set of videos for using the IATI Datastore Query Builder. However, the IATI Datastore currently under development will not initially have a query builder. As a result, I am proposing that we use this contract to deliver the videos based on the Country Development Finance Data tool and Datastore Classic.

Please let me know (on this thread or by email) if you have any objection to this and have an alternative proposal, otherwise we will proceed with this proposal.

Mark Brough
Mark Brough

The videos could still be useful in providing information about these tools but we might indeed want to make a new video for the Datastore query builder when that comes available. However, please note that there are currently no plans for the IATI Datastore to have a web interface initially and this is something that will come later (see the latest quarterly tech update).

The contract with the vendor to make these videos has been on place for almost a year now. We were anticipating that the Datastore query builder would be available, but that is not the case.

So, at this point I think it would make sense to go ahead and make videos to demonstrate how to use the tools we do have available.

leo stolk
leo stolk

Hi Mark and colleagues,
My view has been, since last years 'video embargo', that provision of this kind of videos should be taken forward, but not as a ounce off initiative.
Walk through videos should be made light weight and preferably as part of and enbedded in explanatory e-learnings.

Me and my colleagues at Oxfam Novib have positive experience of in house use of u-Perform, Doodly and storyline, colleagues now also use to make and maintain e-learings and videos in house. Whenever a tool or interface is altered/upgraded the respective e-learnings and videos can be updated with relative ease.

A collection of exisiting (youtube) learning resources and new resources (video and e-learning) could be made available on a clear and logic location on IATI websites. Include links to training resources made by the IATI community, for instance to online training resources made by Bond.

IATI could consider offering learning in a simple Moodle environment with LMS, so that certificates can be generated etc. Some find certificates very motivating.


Mark Brough
Mark Brough

Hi Leo,

Thanks for sharing these thoughts. Just to flesh out my proposal a little more, the idea would be to provide a simple introductory video and a light-weight walk-through for each tool. All videos would then be available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. I think it's a great idea to incorporate these videos in the CSO Training work which you are kindly supporting with.

Once other tools are available or updated (and there are no substantial changes envisaged to either of these tools in the near future) we can consider other ways to produce videos in future, and who would do this work.

I hope this makes sense? I think this is basically what is possible within the scope of the contract that DUWG has commissioned and has already been signed on our behalf. FYI the full RFP is here:…

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