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In the Spotlight…

Event: 2021 Members’ Assembly

Taking place virtually on 8-9 December, IATI’s annual Members’ Assembly will hold meaningful discussions on how to ensure IATI can continue implementing its work to improve global transparency. The Members’ Assembly is reserved for IATI Members only and members should have received an e-mail with registration information. Learn more about IATI Membership here or contact the Secretariat at info@iatistandard.org with any questions.

Responsible Transparency Discussion Summary

The summary of the IATI community discussion on ‘responsible transparency’, including how to address data sensitivity in the face of situations of crisis and fragility, will be available shortly. Follow the thread for updates.

Consultation Announcement: IATI Data Quality Index - Part 2: January 2022

Continuing IATI’s effort to reach an agreement on what ‘good quality data’ looks like, the second phase of the IATI Data Quality Index Consultation will take place in January 2022. Focused on the review and feedback on the proposed technical methodology, the consultation will be open to all IATI community members, both publishers and data users, with different levels of IATI knowledge. Stay tuned for more information here.

News: Simple Excel datasets now available in French on IATI’s Country Development Finance Data tool

Bonne nouvelle! IATI has launched an updated version of the Country Development Finance Data tool, which now includes spreadsheets, guidance and documentation in French. This is part of an effort by IATI to make key content available in multiple languages to enable easier use of IATI data. Learn more about the CDFD update here.

IATI Connect Stories 

Check out the next edition of IATI Connect Stories, our monthly video series showcasing the work of an IATI community member. This month, Julio López, co-founder and Director of Projects of Datalat in Ecuador, describes Datalat’s experience with IATI data as well as the potential for using IATI data in Latin America.

You can also watch this video in Spanish or French. Check out all previous IATI Connect Stories on our video page.

Want to be featured in the next IATI Connect Stories? Contact us via connect@iatistandard.org

In Case You Missed It...

Content: Aid delivery chains, organisation networking and the new Networked data indicator

Community member Alex Tilley from Publish What You Fund shares the findings from a review of their Aid Transparency Index assessment methodology. Considering the issue of networking and linking of aid data and how to measure this in the Index, the findings can help improve efficiency and effectiveness. Access the content here to learn more. 

Discussion: Reporting to IATI at the Organisation level

Restructuring its internal system to improve reporting to IATI, European Commission and IATI Community member Marie Maasbol proposed a discussion on how to report at the organisational level. Join the discussion and share your valuable experiences and lessons learned!

Post: IATI Cloud

The complete set of IATI XML files extracted from the IATI Registry have been successfully indexed into the Apache Solr indexes, as shared by Community member S. Vaessen. Read the post to learn more about this update and its expected release.

Discussion: 2022 Workplan for DUWG

The Data Use Working Group has been discussing its 2022 Workplan and planned activities. Share your feedback and general thoughts on the DUWG’s 2022 Workplan, the commissioning of activities and the terms of reference for continuing support for Datastore Classic.

Post: Organisation Identifiers

IATI Community member Michelle Levesque raised a question regarding IATI’s organisation identifiers and proposed changes going forward. Contribute to the thread by sharing your thoughts!

Events coming up!

Data Use Working Group meeting

30 November 2021 - 14:00-15:00 (UTC)

Join us for the biweekly DUWG meeting, to discuss the most pressing topics around IATI data use and contribute to knowledge-sharing and peer learning around the use of IATI data. If you’d like to present your work, have any questions or would like to be added to the Outlook invite, please contact the Group Chair Mark Brough (mark.brough@gmail.com) or Secretariat Coordinator Annelise Parr (annelise.parr@undp.org). Don’t forget to check out the event page, where you can find the agenda and the notes from these biweekly calls. 

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