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Connect’s 2021 in review

Most liked content: Promoting IATI visualization websites

Community member Erik Hesseling is the author of the 2021 most liked content! Check out his post on IATI visualization websites.

Most commented content: Participating Organization/Organisation Search

Remember this year’s most commented content, posted by Community member Michelle Levesque, on how a participating organisation is classified by different publishers.

Most attended events: IATI Virtual Community Exchanges

With over 100 attendees from all over the world both IATI Virtual Community Exchanges were a great opportunity for the wider community to (virtually) get together and tune into great presentations and engage in meaningful discussions. Check out the recap of the IATI VCE and IATI VCE2, and stay tuned for more VCEs in 2022.


IATI Connect Stories 

Check out the next edition of IATI Connect Stories, our monthly video series showcasing the work of an IATI community member. This month, in a special “2021 in review” edition, we revisit IATI’s highlights from 2021.

You can also watch this video in Spanish or French. Check out all previous IATI Connect Stories on our video page.

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In the Spotlight…

Content: Uses and benefits of IATI data on international cooperation, a Datalat blog

Fundación Datalat, an Ecuadorian open data organisation, has shared a blog post detailing the course they offered on using IATI data. Learn more about Datalat's experience with IATI data, how Latin America organisations can benefit from it and its importance to international cooperation!

Content: Inception Report

Stewarded by the Data Use Working Group, Philantropia has presented their inception report outlining the parameters for an IATI training course for CSOs active in partner countries. The next steps will be to practically develop, design and implement the course. Check out the inception report here and tune in to the next DUWG meetings to learn more.

News: CDFD spreadsheets in PT and ES

Continuing IATI’s effort to make data more accessible to a variety of users, the Country Development Finance Data (CDFD) spreadsheets are now also available in Portuguese and Spanish. To learn more, read the news post.

Post: PWYF’s use of IATI data

Community member Jamie Holton shared a new blog on Publish What You Fund (PWYF) describing the Women’s Economic Empowerment team experience with IATI data, especifically the challenges of mapping funding flows. Check out the post and share your thoughts!

News: Optimizing Connect - new features!

New year, new features! Aiming to improve the platform, we have released a few new Connect features: by default all comments are now visible to all users, even when people are not logged-in. Secondly, we’ve added a video-uploader that allows users to directly share and store videos on the platform without using a third party. Lastly, Zoom-integration will be available from Q1 in 2022, allowing users to use Connect as a safe launching-pad for virtual Zoom-events. Stay tuned to hear more about these extensions, and a Connect-feedback group in early 2022 to share your suggestions for improving IATI Connect!

Discussion: Incoming Funding Question

Trying to better understand data users’ expectations regarding incoming funding transactions, Community member Michelle Levesque started a discussion regarding different types of funds and what data users actually seek. Contribute to the discussion with insights from your experience!



See you in 2022!

We would like to thank all of our Community members for the past year of engagement. Going forward, we hope to keep working together in advancing open data and transparency and help increase active engagement throughout the community. Share your New Year’s Resolutions for IATI Connect with us via connect@iatistandard.org, and see you all next year!

Happy 2022!

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