Monthly Snapshot - August 2021

IATI Secretariat • 17 August 2021


The Monthly ‘IATI Connect Snapshot’ provides you with an overview of past and upcoming activities across the platform. Stay up to date on progress within our Groups, and find ways to engage with the wider IATI Community. IATI Connect continues to expand, with nearly 900 accounts! Keep helping us to expand our Community by encouraging your contacts to sign up.

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In the Spotlight


Event: SAVE-THE-DATE: IATI Virtual Community Exchange II 

IATI will organise its second Virtual Community Exchange (VCE II) on 12 &13 October (both days 12-3 pm, UTC).  Please register now for the VCE II, and send your session proposal via the buttons below! Look out for more information as the VCE II starts to shape up via this IATI Connect VCE page. Do note that the annual Members’ Assembly will be taking place during the first week of December, also virtually. 


Register here
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New Connect page: Data Use Query Corner

We are happy to announce the launch of a new space for Data Use Queries on Connect.  The Data Use Query Corner is a one-stop location for data users to learn to solve queries with IATI data, ask the Community their questions and discover the latest opportunities to engage with one another. Don’t miss out, and fill out this webform with the description and the steps to access and/or analyse the data you need!


Consultation: Data Quality Index 

We are excited to announce that we will be launching the IATI Data Quality Index consultation on 1 September. We invite all our community members to join and participate in this important piece of work in agreeing how IATI will measure the quality of data in the future. For further details on the timeline and how to get involved, click the ‘follow content’ button of this Discussion.

IATI Connect Stories

Check out the next edition of IATI Connect Stories, our monthly video series showcasing the work of an IATI community member. This month, Anand Ramachandran, Co-Founder of FieldsData, describes the organisation's interest in IATI data and shares lessons learned from using IATI data, including the benefits of sharing data on a consolidated data platform.

You can also watch this video in French or Spanish. Check out all previous IATI Connect Stories on our video page.

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In Case You Missed It…


Content: Alternatives for accessing IATI data whilst the Datastore is upgraded and integrated into IATI’s new unified single platform

As the Datastore is being upgraded, the IATI Secretariat has provided a few alternatives for accessing IATI data. Explore other tools and resources for accessing and analysing IATI data here. Read Mark Brough (Chair of the Data Use Working Group)’s update on the Datastore Classic here.


Content: Is there a way to see all IATI Connect activity?

Not all comments on discussions and content appear on the Latest Activities section of IATI Connect’s homepage, only the most relevant activities on the platform. This is a customised approach to prevent over-flooding of notifications. If users want to receive additional notification, please ‘follow’ specific content and discussions of interest by clicking on the ‘Follow Content’ button. Contribute to the discussion!


Discussion: Powered by IATI data - availability of logo, guidelines etc.

IATI Connect community members Steven Flower and Matt Geddes started a thread inquiring about the availability and guidelines for using the ‘Powered by IATI data’ logo. As the Secretariat is currently working on creating public usage guidelines, which will be published on IATI’s website, for the moment requests to use the logo should be sent to the Secretariat via Check out both discussions here and here.


Presentation: Publish What You Fund - Data Use Working Group meeting

During the last meeting of the Data Use Working Group, Jamie Holton from Publish What You Fund presented their recently released report on gender financing and transparency. The report highlights commendable efforts to provide and make available data on gender financing as well as necessary improvements to increase transparency and the ambitious global targets on gender equality. Additionally, key IATI publishers announced plans to increase gender financing’s transparency. Find out more about the report and access the presentation’s slides here, and read more about publishers’ plans here.

Events Coming Up!


IATI Data Use Drop-In 

23 August 2021 - 12:30-13:30 (UTC)

Join our monthly IATI Data Use Drop-In! The session is a great opportunity to ask members of the Secretariat any questions you might have on accessing or analysing IATI data. It’s also a really good way to share experiences with other members of the community. Make sure to enroll here and join via Zoom. As always, feel free to reach out directly for support at any time via


Data Use Working Group Meeting

24 August 2021 - 14:00-15:00 (UTC)

The IATI Data Use Working Group (DUWG) is a multi-stakeholder group of volunteers from the IATI community who work on increasing the use of IATI data. The DUWG meetings take place every other week and are open to anyone in the IATI community. Don’t forget to enroll and tune into the meeting via Zoom. If you are interested in sharing your example of IATI data use, please contact the group Chair Mark Brough ( or Secretariat member Anna Whitson ( 


IATI Connect - Crash Course

9 September 2021 - 13:30-14:15 (UTC)

New to IATI Connect and want to learn how to use and benefit from the platform? Make sure to enroll for IATI’s next Connect’s Crash Course. During this meeting, you will learn simple and clear steps on how to use IATI Connect, covering themes from how to set up your account to how to stay up-to-date with the platform’s content. Don’t forget to bring your questions!


Virtual Community Exchange II

12 and 13 October 2021

Don’t miss out, and  save the date for our  second Virtual Community Exchange taking place on 12 and 13 October. All updates and additional information will shortly be posted on the IATI Connect VCE page. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact  us via