We have a number of proposed organisation identifier lists to be added to org-id.guide, based on a research work carried out to establish many more entries.

You can view the proposed entries via the list of pull requests currently open on Github https://github.com/org-id/register/pulls

For each of these lists, a preview of the org-id platform can be view by using the list-code in the url http://org-id.guide/_preview_branch/{list-code} (visiting http://org-id.guide/list/{list-code} when the preview is active.

(e.g. for ‘Companies Commission of Malaysia’ (MY-SSM) visit http://org-id.guide/_preview_branch/MY-SSM and then http://org-id.guide/list/MY-SSM.)

Unless objections are raised, these lists will be merged 7 days after they were created, in this case mostly after Thursday 16/11/2017

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