In today's Data Use Working Group (DUWG), we discussed whether we should continue to commission activities in 2022, after those activities already contracted or approved have been delivered. We will likely deplete the remaining funds in the Data Use Fund by the end of 2021 / very start of 2022. You can see the slides I provided in this meeting here, which provide some of the background.

There were a few different opinions raised in the group, so I wanted to raise an open question here. I see two main options:

  1. The DUWG continues to commission innovative, small-scale activities which are independent of the Secretariat's workplan, and do not require a substantial amount of work for the Secretariat to deliver.
  2. The DUWG no longer commissions its own activities.

Very keen to hear everyone's feedback on this. I would welcome general thoughts as well as a clear preference from the above two options. Many thanks!


For reference, we implemented / are implementing the following commissioned activities:

2020: Traceability research; Feedback mechanism research; Inventory of data use training materials and tools and gap analysis

2021: User guidance video series; CSO training course; Datastore Classic; Datastore Classic further support

In 2021, we also provided much more of a platform/convening role as well as more generally reviewing progress on IATI data use. If we were no longer commissioning our own activities, we would focus much more heavily on these sorts of activities.

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Mark Brough
Mark Brough

We haven't yet received feedback on this -- would welcome thoughts. My proposal for now is not to do any further commissioning until/unless there is clear demand for this!

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