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IATI Secretariat • 29 November 2020

Dear Technical Community,

Welcome to IATI Connect! As you know we have been migrating both content and users from Discuss to this new community platform. Discuss is now on "read-only"-mode. You can find Discuss content in three places: 1) in the Discuss Archive (passive content), in the Standard Management Consultations group, and 3) ongoing discussions have been transferred to different Groups. Contributors to those threads will receive a notification about this. 

Via this discussion-thread you can let us know if you have any feedback or questions on the migration from Discuss to IATI Connect. We are planning to organise a feedback-session at the start of January. You can also share your comments via connect@iatistandard.org or via the Message Board on the main homepage. 


IATI Connect 



UPDATE 30 November: based on the user-testing meeting (November 19) we are currently including a coding / XML-format option into the comment box. This should be operational by mid-December.

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S. Vaessen

Request 1: introduce markup so users can make use of this connect platform in a good way, currently impossible to reply in a normal manner, this is all too flat and not a good way to communicate. Do look at the markup used in a tool like Discord, they have very nice markup. Too bad we're not making use of Discord anymore :-)

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  • S. Vaessen

    Question 1: I posted something in status Public but when I sign out my posts are not visible on the main page? is this being controlled by a human who decides what makes the main page?

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  • Sander Hees - IATI Secretariat

    Hi Siem! First of all: not a problem to post your feedback on Connect through this thread, you can also share it via connect@iatistandard.org.

    As for your first two questions (markup and colouring): we’ll look into your comments and see if/where changes can be made.

    As for the status of a Public post (your last two questions): all content is made public unless people choose not to. However, right now comments to a public post are not always made visible to non-logged in users. We've identified this issue some time ago, and are currently fixing this (it requires some developing). This fix should be released on Connect before the end of the year.

    As for the Discuss archive: this can be accessed through the top menu-bar (Resources > Discuss Archive). We use a tagging system / search by filter. So you can select some of the previous Discuss sub-categories to get the right content. Also see attached image. Let me know if you need any help with this, happy to also set-up a call to guide you through this.

    Hope this clarifies a bit!



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