Datastore Search v1.8.0 Release

The IATI Technical Team has released v1.8.0 of Datastore Search, incorporating the following enhancements since v1.7.0 released in October:

  1. Handle stylized quotes: Opening and closing quotes (“ and ”), as well as opening and closing guillemets (« and ») are now recognized as quoting characters in Simple and Advanced search queries. Prior to this update, only straight double quotes (") were recognized as quoting characters. Straight single quotes (') as well as opening and closing single quotes (‘ and ’) continue to not be recognized as quoting characters, in case they are being used as apostrophes.
  2. Bug fix to complete “Not equal” queries: “Not equal” filters within the Advanced Search query builder are now complete. For example, prior to this version, selecting “Recipient country code” != “AF” would create the query “-recipient_country_code!=AF”. The same filter now creates the query “(*:* -recipient_country_code!=AF)”. This NOT query completion was done automatically by SOLR for simple queries, but not for more advanced queries involving boolean groupings or combinations.
  3. Fractional zoom enabled in Geospatial search: The map that is a part of the Geospatial search feature added in v1.5.0 no longer snaps to preset zoom levels. Additionally, the zoom step of the plus and minus buttons on the map has been reduced to 25% of the original zoom. This change enables users to make more precise selections in the Geospatial search.

Full details of the changes can be seen in the GitHub release notes for Datastore Search. Many thanks to those who have used IATI Datastore Search and provided feedback and suggestions for improvements and new features. We continue to welcome all user feedback - do post comments below or email .

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