The IATI Technical Team has released v3.1.0 of the Datastore API.

  • Adds the indexed_datetime field to the Datastore API. The indexed_datetime field is the time that the activity document is entered into the Datastore. This field is available to query on and can be returned in JSON and CSV formats if specified in the fl= query parameter. This could be used to identify recently changed documents if you're trying to keep a downstream system in sync with the IATI Datastore.

For example the following query would return all documents updated in the Datastore in the last 24hrs:

/datastore/activity/select?q=indexed_datetime:[NOW-1DAY TO NOW]

For more information on working with date ranges see the Solr documentation.


Full details of the change can be seen in the GitHub release notes v3.1.0. A change log is also available in the IAT API Gateway Developer Portal. 


Many thanks to those who have used IATI Datastore API and provided feedback and suggestions for improvements and new features. We continue to welcome all user feedback - do post comments below or email .



IATI Technical Team

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