In November the team at Publish What You Fund began a methodology review process following the launch of the 2020 Aid Transparency Index. Our aim was to update the Index assessment approach in order to ensure we adapt to new developments and continue to raise the bar for aid transparency.

We initially went through an intensive internal research and reflection process to produce a set of proposed changes. We then held a series of consultation meetings with key stakeholders in the Index (including the donors we assess), and carried out an online survey of aid data use and needs. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the consultations so far for their valuable feedback. Following these consultations, we have developed a proposal for the changes to the approach, which we are sharing publicly for comment and input.

In this consultation paper we have taken into consideration the feedback received so far to further develop our thinking and to set out in more technical detail how the proposed test changes will be carried out. The consultation paper has been made available for public comment from 8th March for four weeks (concluding on 6th April, after the Easter weekend).

The preferred way to provide feedback is by commenting on this online version of the document (Google doc). If you would prefer your comments not to be publicly visible or if you have access issues, you can also download a Word version of the document from this page and return it with your comments by email to

Once the consultation closes we will review all of the comments and feedback and take these into consideration as we finalise the methodology review and write the 2022 Index Technical Paper.



Comments (2)

Michelle Levesque

One quick question I have as I started to read this.  Is there a reason you refer to the traceability as "network" rather than use the IATI term?  I'm curious to understand the logic of introducing yet another term into the mix.

Elma Jenkins

HI Michelle, thanks for your questions.

This new indicator looks at one of the ways organisations can be networked in the IATI data. The IATI term 'Traceability' more commonly refers to features that allow users to trace funding along the aid delivery chain, by, for example, linking activities and transactions together. This is something we are not looking to assess yet so we wanted to draw that distinction. 


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