The IATI Technical Team has released v1.2 of Datastore Search to enhance the functions available to data users. We’ve implemented the following new features based on requests from the IATI community since Datastore Search was launched in early March:  

  1. d-portal access: You can now navigate from an activity in Datastore Search to d-portal. This allows less technical users to find out more about an activity without needing to download csv, json or xml files.
  2. Easier to use codelists: We’ve added the name of each codelist to the top of the dropdown box as well as the code for each value.
  3. Aligned the text search rules between simple and advanced search: We’ve added the same text search functions that are available for a simple search onto advanced searches.  Simple search works like an internet browser, you can type in a series of words combined with AND, OR NOT or other wildcards e.g. * and ?. This searches through all narrative elements in IATI to return relevant activities. We’ve now enabled the same search on advanced search, you can do this within a single narrative element e.g. Title Narrative or choose to search on All Narrative elements. The later option can be found under ‘special fields’. This functionality also allows users to start a query in simple search, then move on to advanced search and keep working on their query.
  4. Fixed a bug in date selection: Previously, searching for a date greater than today's date would return zero activities. We’ve fixed this on the back end so searching for a future date now works as expected.
  5. Fixed a bug in importing filters: Previously, if you imported a set of filters into advanced search you couldn’t then add or change the query. We’ve fixed this in the back end so you can now import a query and continue to add to it.

Many thanks to those who have used IATI Datastore Search and provided feedback and suggestions for improvements and new features. We continue to welcome all user feedback - do post comments below or email

Best wishes,

IATI Technical Team

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