Two new data use resources launched for IATI Country Development Finance Data tool

Sarah McDuff - IATI Secretariat • 13 July 2021
Trends Dashboard

Two new resources have now been launched to support data users to understand and analyse the data available from the Country Development Finance Data tool, including:

1. Guidance (EN/FR/ES) on understanding and analyzing the data

2. Excel Analysis Dashboard

More details available in this news post and find the resources on the CDFD home page here!


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Should we have a discussion sometime on whether this demonstrates the concept (automated country level analysis) and accompanying basis analysis need enough to make it into a website and thus be even easier to access? Even google docs could probably handle this to limit user intervention to just selecting their country of interest. For countries without functioning AIMS, this is/would be a very valuable stopgap. FYI, my dream is a version where each country could upload a mapping between their national sectors and the OECD ones and thus get all the charts/tables in a form suitable for using locally.

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  • Sarah McDuff - IATI Secretariat

    Great question, [~350]! As with the CDFD tool, the goal was for the workbook to enable us to assess/confirm whether this is the kind of country level analysis that is needed. During July, I've been holding many trainings with our partner country government focal points on understanding/analyzing the CDFD data and have also been documenting the feedback received. All of this learning/information will feed into some improvements to the CDFD tool, guidance, analysis dashboard, but more importantly will inform requirements for the new data portal. This conversion btwn OECD sectors and local ones has been raised during a couple of trainings and I agree that this would be super helpful! I will make sure that this added to the list of proposed user requirements.

    But to your question on a discussion, would be very happy to chat with you and any other folks that would be interested on the kinds of automated country level analysis that is needed -- using the workbook as a foundation for the discussion.

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