What questions are you trying to answer with IATI data?

Sarah McDuff - IATI Secretariat • 19 March 2021

At the upcoming IATI Virtual Community Exchange, we will be holding a Data Access / Use 101 Session. During this session, we will give a brief overview of the data available and how to access and analyze it, but the bulk of the session will be spent exploring how to answer specific questions with data published to IATI. We have a few we’re considering but wanted to ask you to share your questions as well! Please add below any questions you are trying to / would like to be able to answer with IATI data!

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David Megginson

How much new humanitarian spending is there for a country, humanitarian cluster, both?

How much new COVID-19-related spending is there for a country (and humanitarian-only vs all)?

Who is doing what, where, especially in humanitarian contexts?

What are local actors doing (vs donors, iNGOs, and multilaterals)?

Michelle Levesque

Who has already published a participating organization in their files?  What Org Ref did they use? What org type did they choose? What role did they play?

When our org has been referenced as a participating org what traceability element has been used if any? What are the IATI activity IDs they relate to?

What other publishers are part of the same HRP? What glide codes were used?

Herman van Loon

What is the ultimate country and location where our funding goes? Which organisations are involved?

Which percentage of the total funding of a specific activity is going to which country, especially when funding is indirect through intermediate organisations (multies & iNGO's)?

What are the (aggregated) results of an alliance of partners working together on the same policy theme?

What are the top 5 donors in a specific partner country?

Sarah McDuff - IATI Secretariat

Thanks for the questions, everyone! We will try to capture a couple of them in the "Data access / use 101" session at the IATI Virtual Community Exchange on the 13th!

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