I am stepping down as Chair of the Data Use Working Group. I want to thank everyone for their hard work and contributions in DUWG meetings over the last year, and I'm happy that we've been able to make progress on IATI data use. I'd like to thank the Secretariat and everyone else in the community who's had a role in our collective progress. I am glad that we managed to have some tough but important conversations, most recently on the Datastore.

The DUWG has taken up quite a lot of my time over the last year, and particularly in recent months, and I now need to focus more of my time on my work. I'll continue to work hard to do what I can to make progress on IATI's founding purpose: getting better quality data to governments in partner countries, to improve the way aid is managed and delivered. I hope I'll continue to do this alongside a passionate community.

I'll defer to the Secretariat in terms of next steps for taking things forward.

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Winnie Kamau

Hey Mark it's sad to see you drop off but we do appreciate your hardwork and your leadership in steering the DUWG to reaching great milestones. Wishing you God speed in your next leadership role

Thea Schepers

This is understandable given the time you have had to put in recently, and I can imagine you need to focus on your business more. Still sad to hear this, and your commitment, input and achievements as chair are much, much appreciated! Hopefully see you in the next meeting?

Annelise Parr - IATI Secretariat

[~469] echoing comments above with our huge thanks from the Secretariat for your work leading the DUWG. Yours will be big shiny shoes to fill. I do hope that we can still support one another in our joint mission.

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