Dear all,

In July 2021, the DUWG agreed to support Datastore Classic until December 2021, during the planned downtime of the IATI Datastore. In the last DUWG meeting, we agreed in principle to a further period of support for Datastore Classic. I provided two main arguments for my recommendation to provide further support:

  1. The new Datastore is due to be launched by the Secretariat at the end of 2021. This will not initially have a web interface and so will only be accessible to technical users (see IATI Tech Update Q2/Q3 2021). Datastore Classic does have a web interface, and it's important that we continue to make data even more accessible to an increasingly wide range of users.
  2. There will be a need for a substantial (at least six months, preferably much longer) period of overlap to allow for users to transition from one tool to another. This transition period can only begin once a fully-working Datastore is in place and stable, thoroughly tested and with any bugs ironed out.

In this blog, you can read more details on progress on Datastore Classic over the last few months, and a more detailed outline of the above arguments.

I previously shared the draft Terms of Reference here. I'm making a final call for input on these ToRs by COB on Friday 29th October, after which we will go ahead and begin procurement. You will need to request access which I will grant ASAP to everyone who requests it. 

PLEASE NOTE: if you are considering submitting a bid, please don't request access to the document. To avoid conflicts of interest, you must not engage in this process. If you are considering submitting a bid, please let me know!

Many thanks, and I look forward to receiving any further inputs!

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Mark Brough
Mark Brough

One comment I wanted to capture here from the 19th October DUWG discussion: there was a suggestion that we should develop a set of criteria to determine when support for Datastore Classic should end. For example, it could be something like the following:

  • IATI Datastore is running with no major bugs or major downtime, for at least six months;
  • IATI Datastore has a user interface that meets the needs of users;
  • IATI Datastore satisfies existing Datastore Classic data endpoints.

Would also welcome thoughts on this! (This would sit outside the ToR, as it's something for the DUWG to agree rather than for a vendor to implement.)

leo stolk
leo stolk

Hi Mark

I like the suggested criteria, i do not agree that it will be up to the DUWG to decide on this. Suggest DUWG makes recommendation to the secretariate (IATI is contract holder) and allow the Tech team to set exact parameters based on their insights how the IATI datastore is progressing.

Outcomes of end user testing, should inform the duration of continued support to DSC.

Datastore 3 delivery should be mirrored against Datastore 2 data end points.


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