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Alyona Skovorodnikova shows step by step how to create a dashboard straight from the IATI files and the codelists on the IATI website. This way, you can have a dashboard in a matter of days - even if your skills in data analysis are limited. She also shows how to combine several files, for example for dashboards for partnerships.

This presentation was part of Quarter 4 of the series IATI Guided Implementation. The rest of the videos are about publishing IATI data according to the Dutch Publishing Guidelines and are available for members of the Netherlands Corner.



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Nelline Roest

Thanks for this very interesting webinar! Can you please share the link to this IATI dashboard so we can have a more detailed look at it for inspiration? Thanks!

Thea Schepers

Hi Siem, the difference must be the timing of the refresh. Not sure I understand your question, do you mean how the alliance dashboards are formatted? Alyona explains a bit on how the backend looks. When it comes to the actual visuals, that depends on the needs per alliance. I used to build them for Plan but that's years ago, both my memory and the dashboards have probably moved on considerably since then...

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