IATI Guided Implementation webinar Quarter 4: finale

Thea Schepers

The last webinar! In which we look back on last quarter but also the whole year of Guided Implementation. Plus: the last elements of IATI we haven’t covered yet. And what do you do from now on in the activities we worked on this year? And what do you do when it closes? There will also be a guest who will show us how to easily make a dashboard in Power BI, based on your own data.

If you have fallen behind or started late, and feel like you missed too much, no stress. We will start a new series on April 19th. Sign up here.

14:00-15:30 CET 
**please check the time difference now that Europe is on daylights saving time!**

Meeting ID: 878 2208 5522
Passcode: 985913

Your work after this webinar

Your resources for this quarter:

a. The guidelines on COVID-19 activities.
b. Our article on the humanitarian guidelines (to be added as soon as possible).
c. The Technical Tip: what to do when a project ends.
d. If you want, download the PowerPoint slides (to be published here before the webinar).
e. The recording of the webinar will be available here a few days after the webinar.
f. The video about IATI in Power BI will be shared separately.

Things to add to your activities in this quarter:

a. Apply humanitarian guidelines for the relevant activities.
b. Apply COVID-19 guidelines where relevant.
c. Add specific locations where relevant.
d. Please double check if you are visible in Metis. If not, check here what to do about that (question 1).


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