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Thea Schepers • 5 May 2021

Now that you have registered, perhaps tell us a bit about yourself and/or your organisation. Will you be taking part in one or more partnerships? Anything you want to share, please do!

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Mara Lipsou

Hi everyone,


My name is Mara and I work for a public health consulting company, MannionDaniels Ltd. I am based in our Cyprus office and my scope of work is around Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Programmes. Looking forward to getting to know others and familiarising with IATI. My hope is that one day the platform won't feel as intimidating as it currently feels :)

Thea Schepers Moderator

Welcome Mara!

Cyprus! Nice, I lived in Nicosia for a few years. And yes, the purpose of this whole series of webinars is to make your hope come true. ;) I'm sure we will manage. Anyone else want to introduce themselves?



My name is Lydie Arakaza from Jimbere Magazine in Burundi. Happy to meet you all I work as the Head of Finance and Administration for Jimbere Magazine and the SRHR Knoweldge platform Share Net Burundi( actually hosted by Jimbere Mag). I look forward to connecting with you and learning a lot on IATI.



Shevonna Ansah

My name is Shevonna Sophie from Ghana with the STAR-Ghana Foundation. Looking forward to best understand publishing and all the other facets of IATI

Thea Schepers Moderator

Hi Lydie, nice magazine! And welcome Shevonna, as well. See you soon in one of the webinars or on here.

Trang Nguyen

Hi everyone, nice to meet you. My name is Trang Nguyen, I'm based on Berlin and working with the Transparency International Secretariat. I look forward to learning and sharing experiences on our IATI journey. Quick question Thea - do you know what times the webinars on 7 June will be? It would be helpful to know for planning purposes. Thanks! 

Thea Schepers Moderator

Hi Trang, welcome! We are trying to decide whether to do two sessions again like last time, or one. Depending on the outcome there, we'll decide on a time. Sorry it's a bit late! Still some teething problems here and there. We will post the Zoom link as soon as we can, we realise the 7th is fast approaching...

Thea Schepers Moderator

We picked the times - we are doing two sessions again. Links not available yet, but you can see the times under 'events'.

Arwa Al-Akwa'a

Hi, everyone.
I'm Arwa, Project Officer at Mwatana For Human Rights Yemen.
Thanks to NL MFA for this course and corner.
Looking for to more about IATI data publishing.

Fatema Kakal

Hello everyone, 

It is great to meet you all. 

I am Fatema, PMEL Officer at Mensen met een Missie, based in the Netherlands. I am working on two strategic partnerships with the MFA, and I hope that I am able to master IATI data upload over time.

Thank you for setting up this platform, Thea and team! 


Laura Origa

Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you all.

I'm Laura, working as a Finance Officer at the African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET), based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Looking forward to learning more about IATI data publishing from Thea and team.


Anja van Kampen

Hi everyone,

Great to meet you all.

I'm Anja van Kampen, Program Manager at Foundation Programming Their Future. Already published data in IATI. Thanks to Thea and Pelle for their support so far!

Looking forward to learn more about IATI publications.



Abubeker Abdulkadir

Hi everyone,

I'm Abubeker Abdulkadir, working at The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), in the Head Quarter office based in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Looking forward to learning more about IATI data publishing.



Hasan Hajar

Hi everyone, my name is Hasan and from Yemen, i work for Yamaan foundation and it is really very beneficial to understand the IATI reporting nechani

Anita Malpani

Hello all. My name is Anita and work from Netherland. I work for Spark and we do publish in IATI. Look forward to hear more about other publishing stories and tips to make our own publication easier. 

Willis Ochilo

Hello, my name is Willis Ochilo working for CABI (as a Project Scientist) and based in Nairobi. CABI is an international not-for-profit organization that improves people’s lives by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment. This is my first interaction with IATI, so I hope to learn as much as possible to enable my effective use of the same when it comes to reporting. Thank you for the invite, and looking forward to the discourse.

Kimberley Armstrong

Hello Everyone.  I am Kimberley Armstrong, Regional Programme Manager, from Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA Network).  We are an indigenous women's rights organisation and network operating in the Greater Horn of Africa region.  I look forward to learning more about IATI and engaging with the group.

Thea Schepers Moderator

Welcome everyone! Great to see people from everywhere and from a variety of organisations. Looking forward to today's first consultation hour. I promise things will be less confusing soon. :)

Sabine Ebner

Hello Everyone, very nice to meet you all and to be part of this group. I am Sabine Ebner, M&E Technical Advisor for the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA Network), based in the Regional Office in Kampala. I am glad we are experiencing this IATI journey together. Excited to learn more about it - thanks Thea & Team for setting up this group.

Pelle Aardema Moderator

Hi Sabine,

Welcome! And good to see you in the call this afternoon :)

Omar Al-Drem

Hi everyone, nice to meet you all and to part of this group. I'm Omar Mohammed, project manager at INTERSOS - Yemen. Based on Sana'a - Yemen.  

Looking forward to learning about IATI. 


Sahar Salam

Hi Everyone,

I am Sahar Salam I work for UPP as PM , I am based in Baghdad, Iraq. Happy to join everyone here.

Gorgees Akhshirsh

Hello everyone, nice to be part of this group.

This is Gorgees Shlimon, M&E Officer at UPP - Iraq/Erbil based.  

Looking forward for further learning about IATI. 

Laura Porrini

Hi everyone! Happy to join the group! My name is Laura Porrini and I am the MEL Officer of Fondo de Mujeres del Sur, localed in Argentina. We are part of the Leading from the South Consortium. I am very excited to exchange with you!

Susan Momanyi

Hi everyone! My name is Susan Juma-Momanyi. I work for Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) as a MERL officer. I'm based at the secretariat in Nairobi. I'm excited to be here and looking forward to learning more about IATI publishing.

Dorte Hvidemose

Hello! Dorte Hvidemose, I work on donor relations and partnerships for Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD Centre), at headquarters in Geneva. We've been publishing as part of our agreement with the NL MFA for the past year and a half, but looking forward to learning more - and figuring out if we're doing it right :)

Pelle Aardema Moderator

Hello Dorte,

Welcome to the group!

Your data look quite ok, and are also present in the NL MFA METIS dashboard.

This is the dashboard our colleagues use to monitor the progress of your activities. You can also check for yourself ;-)


Gioconda Carrera

Hello, I am Gioconda Carrera. I am part of the Government and Multilateral Relations team at the International Crisis Group headquarters in Brussels.

At Crisis Group we have been publishing in IATI since last year. However, we do not yet appear in the METIS dashboard. I am looking forward to learning more about IATI reporting and understanding how to do it best. Thank you very much! 

Zeytuna Abdella Azasoo

Hi Everyone, My name is Zeytuna A. Azsooo. I work for the African Women's Development Fund. AWDF is a consortium member of the Leading from the South (LFS). Happy to be part of the group and also to e-meet you.

Febronne Achieng

Hi Everyone, Febronne Achieng. I work for Amref Health Africa. Looking forward to learn more about IATI and also publish the work we are doing in Kenya.

Eveline Beina

Hi Everyone,


My name is Beina Eveline. I work for Young Women's Christian Association of South Sudan as a project Manager for young women for Awareness, Agency, Advocacy and Accountability. Happy to be on this platform. Looking forward to knowing others and familiarising with IATI. 

Beverly Mutwiri

Hi everyone, 


My name is Beverly Nkirote working with Network for Adolescent and Youth of Africa (NAYA KENYA). Looking forward to learning more on IATI and especially on publishing our work. 

Fiona Wilks

Hi everyone! My name is Fiona and I'm Womankind Worldwide's Impact and Learning Advisor. We're part of the AWESOME partnership of 7 women's rights organisation based in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya and the UK. We're funded by MFA's Power of Women. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Pelle Aardema Moderator

Welcome Zeytuna, Febronne, Eveline, Beverly and Fiona! :-)

Audrey Ledanois

Hello everyone! My name is Audrey, I work for Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF) International, based in the Netherlands. Thanks a lot for putting this platform together and for your guidance. I look forward to know more about IATI publishing!

Audrey Migot-Adholla - IATI Tech Team

Welcome! From one Audrey to another. It's great to have you here

Avela Njwambe

Hello everyone 


My name is Avela, I am part of the Power Up! consortium, which is supported by the MFA. I work for Just Associates (JASS) as a MEL and grants coordinator. JASS is also the lead partner for Power Up! and will be coordinating the reporting to IAITI. I am a new to IAITI and I look forward to learning how to use the platform. 



Madhu Jagdeeshan

Hi everyone! I am Madhu, I work in Women's Fund Asia (WFA) as the Program Officer (Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation). WFA is a part of the Leading from the South (LFS) consortium which is supported by the MFA. I would be coordinating the IATI reporting on behalf of WFA.

We have in the past struggled to effectively report in IATI. I really do look forward to learn more on IATI through this community. Cheers!

Anna de Vries

Hi all! My name is Anna, I am a senior IATI consultant at Data4Development. We are supporting multiple organisations with publishing in IATI and improving their data quality.

It is good to see this community growing and we are eager from D4D to contribute with our expertise. 

I am specifically interested in the discussions going on regarding the guidelines, because there are certain challenges that we encounter for our clients which have more to do with policy and the balance between being transparent and pragmatic.  

Also looking forward to how we can increase the use of IATI data after it is published so it seems like less of a black box for organisations :)

Hope to hear from you if you have any thoughts on this or would like to know more about our work!

Thea Schepers Moderator

Welcome to all new members who joined in the last few days! We've noticed that you had to put in a request to join, before you get in. That seems to be a bug. Everyone is welcome so we don't intent to put in that extra safeguard. We're working on fixing that.

Mohamed Osman

Hi everyone, my name is Mohamed Osman, I work with Media-Ink as MEL Officer. Media-Ink is part of Improving Social Contract program which supported by MFA. We are part of three different consortiums leading by VNG international, Interpeace and IDLO.

Although the Lead  Organizations will be publishing in IATI. still I'm looking forward to learn more on IATI.

Jackline Bartenge

Hi everyone, My name is Jacky, working with Women Challenged to Challenge an organization in Kenya working with women and girls with disabilities.

I am happy to be here, network and learn. Thank you

Vivian Velema-Andyka

Hi all, my name is Vivian. I am currently working with SeeYou Foundation in the Netherlands as Programme Manager for We are Able!.

We are Able! is a consortium programme in 6 countries in Africa,  with ZOA as consortium lead. This programme is one of Power of Voice projects supported by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affair.

I am Indonesian, and my area of work is in strengthening strategic capacity of non-profit organisations, with specifial interest in the Organisation of Persons with Disabilities - OPDs, forcusing on programmatic right-based approach.

I am very happy to get to join here and take part in expanding our learning together on IATI.

Neveen Esknder

Hi Everyone,
Neveen Esknder, I work for Young Women's Christian Association of Egypt "YWCA Egypt" as a coordinator for YW4A "young women for Awareness, Agency, Advocacy and Accountability". Happy to be with you on this platform. Looking forward to knowing others and familiarising with IATI. 

Natalie Musomba

Hello everyone,

My name is Natalie Musomba and I am a Junior Coordinator at the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) in Amsterdam. Its a pleasure to e-meet you all. This will be my first training on/about IATI, so I look forward to connecting and learning with you all.

Iria Dominguez

Hello everyone! I am Iria Dominguez, the Project Management Officer at Womankind Worldwide, the lead partner from the AWESOME programme - a consortium of 7 Women's Rights Organisations in Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. Nice to meet you all!

Clinton Hendricks

Hi everyone!

In the webinar that took place on the 7th of June, a recommendation was made to start a discussion on how alliance partners should publish for the POV/AVJCA activity where more than one alliance partner is responsible for delivering at a country level. Will publishing be the responsibility of the lead alliance partner? 


Thea Schepers Moderator

Hi Clinton, welcome! I hope it will be a useful programme for you.

In principle, each alliance partner which is part of the proposal should publish their own IATI data. Sometimes an exception is made for small partners if it would mean too large a chunk of their time and budget. 

If there is discussion among the partners about this, perhaps the lead can contact us on helpdesk-opendata@minbuza.nl to discuss further.


Hi all, I am Anouska and work as PMEL Coordinator for the Giving for Change consortium at Wilde Ganzen - The Netherlands.

As Wilde Ganzen, we haven't published in IATI before, so we are in the midst of setting up all processes, tools and collecting data for our first publications. For most of our consortium members this will be a first. So looking forward to learning from you all!

Laureen Karayi

Hi everyone, my name is Laureen Karayi, I am the Programme Coordinator for the We Cannot Wait Consortium under the PoW Grant. We are a Southern Led and Based Consortium and will be working in 6 Countries. I am based in Uganda, and My Organisation is Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA Network), also the lead partner of the consortium. I am pleased to finally be engaging with this platform. I registered more than a month ago but was not able to get back here. So finally excited! I am looking forward to learning about IATI and sharing our IATI journey with you all. It stilll seems complex so hopefully, that will be in the past soon.

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