Community-Platform 'Feedback-Group'

Sander  Hees - IATI Secretariat
Sander Hees - IATI Secretariat

Dear IATI Community,

Just over one year after the launch of IATI Connect we would like to collect your feedback on how our shared community-platform has worked for you. Moreover we want to source your ideas on upcoming collaborative Community-projects. Interested? Then join our Community-Platform 'Feedback-Group' meeting on 13 April! The Group is open for anyone with an interest in IATI, both experienced IATI-Community-members and Newbies.

The Feedback-Group-meeting will be divided in two parts:

  • Wednesday 13 April (14:30-16:00 UTC) we will focus on collecting your feedback and ideas, while we present current Community-engagement plans;
  • End of April (1-hour meeting, tentative / tbd) we will share a proposed implementation-plan and suggest improvements based on the input you shared during meeting 1;

Join us and help improve the usability of the platform, share your ideas on new projects or help spark future community-collaborations. Register now via the button below:


You can share any suggestions or questions via the comment box below, or by reaching out to us via

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