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The new IATI website is launched we are removing the previous alpha version. The new website is available here.


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So far only one person has filled in the type form.

We are really keen to get you thoughts on the work we have done so far so please do fill out the survey questions if you have time!

Andy Lulham

Last October, Publish What You Fund shared feedback on the beta version of the new IATI site. Here’s a snippet of that feedback:

We think the homepage should Show The Thing. Why? Because:

  • Potential publishers want to see this in practice, so they can see why they would publish.
  • Users want to see the data because that’s literally why they’re here.
  • For at least some people who are brand new to IATI, they will understand it best by actually seeing what it can do

By “Show The Thing” we mean IATI data, via e.g. d-portal or perspective or some other data portal. Think of this as equivalent to a test drive, or a demo – helping the user understand by doing. This appears to be the approach used in IATI trainings (a recent example here).

The latest blog asks us to “Help me explain IATI!”, saying “it can often be difficult to gain a basic understanding of IATI”. But in the new alpha version, it’s noticeable that the IATI data search present in the version shared back in October has been removed from the homepage.

A couple of very specific points on the about section:

  • the section includes a case studies page. While I’m pleased these are present on the site, I’m not sure I’d expect to find them on the about page.
  • As we know, the term IATI is often overloaded – it’s used as a shorthand for the initiative, IATI data, and the IATI standard. I think the Why use IATI? page may fall foul of this… I think it sometimes refers to IATI data, and sometimes the standard. I wonder if it would be better to split this page into two.

As a process point: I can’t speak for others, but I struggled a bit to provide feedback via the typeform. The form doesn’t provide space for long-form responses (i.e. there’s no textarea for prose.) But it felt difficult to provide useful feedback without this, so I’ve provided it here instead.


Hi Andy,

There was a free text box at the bottom of the typeform where you could have written as much as your wanted, but process aside we are glad to have your feedback so thank you for taking the time to write.

In the “Why use IATI” page, those comments are really helpful and we will look into this now and find a solution that we can use consistently.

The reason that we don’t have a search on the homepage that links to d-portal is that it is a really jarring user experience to arrive to the homepage of one website and immediately be taken to another website without explanation. There will be links to case studies with dynamic embedded content from d-portal from the homepage.

Thanks again for your comments,


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