Powered by IATI data - availability of logo, guidelines etc

Steven Flower • 20 July 2021

Hi [~2] 

I know there is a "powered by IATI data" logo out there, but I'm struggling to find a specific place that this is documented.  Is such a page/document available anywhere? I searched both the main IATI site and Connect, but found nothing specific.

I'd expect there to be some guidelines in terms of how this logo should be used, and then various digital formats and choices for use.


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IATI Secretariat

Hi Steven!

Thanks for being interested in using our "Powered by IATI Data" logo. Currently requests to use the logo need to be sent to the Secretariat via info@iatistandard.org. We are currently working on creating public usage guidelines and these will be published on IATI's website in due course. 


IATI Secretariat

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