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Adrian Collier
Adrian Collier • 23 June 2014

Whether you’re new to IATI or you have been working with the standard for some time, no doubt you’ll have already started to experience the challenges associated with terminology and understanding of specific terms and phrases commonly used within the standard and by its community.

We would like to spend some focussed collaborative time on helping to get some of these points clarified and documented in an online Gossary resource.

This session is open for all to attend, whether you’ve got specific opinions about terms, or if you’re uncertain about certain areas of the standard, feel free to join in and help build out this glossary to ensure that we can all work within IATI and have the same understanding of what we all mean.

If you’re interested in this session or have any questions or suggestions for the discussion, please post them here.

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Pernilla Näsfors
Pernilla Näsfors

Great that you will be working on this! I think it will be very useful, although I will unfortunately not be able to take part in the Glossary Sprint myself as I will be at the UN Transparency Working Group meeting at the same time elsewhere in Berlin…

When I was preparing for the Open Aid Data Bootcamp in Nepal April 28-29, 2014, that we in the Open Aid Partnership organized together with YoungInnovations, I was looking for glossaries that people who aren’t familiar with IATI terms could use, and the best one I could find back then was the OECD Glossary of Key Terms and Concepts: https://www.oecd.org/dac/glossary. Using that as a basis, I created an “Aid Data and Statistics Glossary” where I picked a selection of those terms. You can use that as a starting point / template you want to: https://hackpad.com/Aid-Data-and-Statistics-Glossary-ElSNlrhSHFh

I also had a session during the bootcamp that I called “AID - Acronyms In Development” that might also be useful: https://hackpad.com/AID-Acronyms-In-Development-wqXEVfnZprq

Good luck!

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