2 Feb - 17 Feb 2021

Consultation: Updated IATI Humanitarian Guidance

IATI Technical Team • 2 February 2021

Following our earlier community consultation (see recap below), we are pleased to share updated IATI Humanitarian Guidance. This guidance aims to expand on what is in the IATI Standard and the current overview pages, as well as help with the alignment and import of humanitarian IATI data into OCHA’s Financial Tracking Service (FTS).

Review updated guidance by 17 February 2021.

We are now asking the IATI Community to review the updated Humanitarian Guidance document for any inconsistencies, e.g. any instances where the new guidance does not align with the existing IATI Standard pages, and post your comments on this thread. 

In line with previous consultations:

  • This guidance document attempts to explain and interpret what is in the IATI Standard. Organisations must still decide how best to apply this to their own data. 
  • The guidance document will be proof-read before being published on the IATI Standard website

If you have additional questions about the guidance or require clarification about any of the guidance pages, the IATI Technical Team is happy to arrange a call with you. (You can email the Technical Team: support@iatistandard.org directly or tag us in the thread below.)

Please comment by Wednesday 17th of February. Thank you very much in advance!

Recap: Humanitarian Guidance consultation October - November 2020

The IATI Humanitarian Guidance consultation took place in October - November 2020. As with previous IATI guidance reviews, the IATI community was invited to provide feedback on the draft guidance document. After carefully reviewing feedback we then held two webinars with the community to discuss key areas requiring further detail, any conflicting views among the community, and recommended use of the guidance. Links to the webinar recordings and presentation slides are available below:

Following the webinars, we updated the draft guidance, incorporating the feedback received and shared again with webinar participants for final review in December. 

During the consultation it became clear from the community that there are a number of outstanding questions/ new areas of humanitarian guidance that require further discussion with the wider humanitarian community. Therefore these issues have not been incorporated in the updated guidance released today. 

Initial discussions on those outstanding questions will start in the humanitarian sub-group on IATI Connect w/k 22nd of February and will be open to all IATI Connect users.


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IATI Technical Team Moderator

We have not received any additional comments from users by the set deadline of 17th of February 2021. We will proceed with next steps of proof reading the guidance document and adding to the IATI standard website.

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