Consultation: Help shape IATI Standard traceability guidance

IATI Secretariat • 22 March 2021

Register your interest in joining IATI’s Consultation to inform new guidance on how to publish IATI data that enables traceability.


Why is traceability important?

Being able to trace the flow of development and humanitarian funds is critical for understanding complex delivery chains and assessing whether resources are actually reaching intended beneficiaries. While it is currently possible within the IATI Standard to publish data that enables this traceability, IATI does not have a consolidated guidance for publishers on how best to use the IATI standard to ensure traceability. Not having clear guidance also makes it difficult for users to use and analyse IATI data, for instance ensuring that resources are not double counted when conducting analysis.

Consultation launch: Wednesday 31 March 

Building on prior work on traceability, the IATI Secretariat is launching a consultation to inform new guidance on how to publish data using the IATI Standard, that  allows you to trace the flow of funds throughout the delivery chain of published data. We invite the IATI community to take part in this consultation by reviewing the draft guidance, providing inputs, and joining an upcoming webinar to discuss the draft. This consultation is open to all in the IATI community and we particularly invite data users to join  the conversation so that the guidance that results would lead to the kind of traceability that data users need in their data. 

How to get involved

Please take note of the following dates for your calendar:


Action point

31 March

  • Draft guidance and link to feedback form will be posted in IATI Connect; Click on "Follow" to confirm your interest in joining the consultation and receive updates when they are posted. 
  • Discuss and exchange with other Community members through IATI Connect up to 21 April. 

21 April  

  • Submit inputs using the feedback form;

28 April  

  •  Join webinar with the [~453] to address feedback received. Register here;


Please forward details of the IATI Standard traceability guidance consultation to interested colleagues in your networks. For any questions, do get in touch at support@iatistandard.org or post a response to this thread via the comment-box below. 

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Evgenia Tyurina


Did I miss the link to the draft guidance and the feedback form? 

Thank you!

IATI Technical Team Moderator

Hi everyone!

Please find the draft IATI Traceability guidance and feedback form for you to review, submit your inputs and share feedback by 21 April 2021.

Please also register for the webinar on the 28 April. During the webinar on April 28 the Secretariat will set out clear context, consequences and implications for each of the questions. Participants will be able to discuss further so that they have a sense of what each approach means for different stakeholders (whether publishers, user or both). After the webinar, the Secretariat will update the guidance based on new inputs, and again circulate this throughout the community to confirm the final guidance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to respond to this thread or email support@iatistandard.org and we will get back to you!

We look forward to hearing from you!


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