Investigation report on Data Use recommanded

Erik Hesseling • 8 January 2021

At the IATI Members Assembly I made the recommendation of starting in 2021 a profound investigation on who worldwide the users of IATI data are.

I’m still convinced that this request is very important is for the future of IATI and the IATI community. It will give us tools to focus the IATI communication on the target groups who we want to be users of IATI data. It will give IATI publishers information and arguments really needed to convince the board of the own organization that effort and budget spend in publishing and updating IATI data is worthwhile. If the investigation includes also the use of the data by the IATI publishers themselves for visualisation, policy making and management and monitoring of projects, the best practices may give a boost to use of data by IATI members and others.

The investigation may also be used to show developing countries the relevance of becoming involved as partner countries.