It may be an idea having in subgroup Visualisations: showing and ameliorating IATI data on websites? Our organization has, but there are dozens created by other IATI publishers. On the website of my organisation a basic – not complete -  list of these websites can be found: It would be great to have a more exhaustive list.

Analyzing IATI data by data analyst using the XML is a good thing. But putting more effort in informing worldwide on the existence and usefulness of the IATI visualisations websites (including D-Portal), may lead to a much greater use and importance of IATI data.

Viewing of visualization websites of other IATI publishers may also give ideas for the own website.

One of the issues I’m emphasizing in my organisation is to be not only focused on projects of the own organization, but to be also aware of projects of others. To be found at the just mentioned visualisation websites. Very useful for policy making.

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Sarah McDuff - IATI Secretariat
4:22 PM Definitely a good idea and glad to report that there are plans in the works to share not only publisher portals but all known data access tools here in Connect in the coming weeks! Open Data Watch just carried out some work supported by the Data Use Working Group which included putting together an inventory of data use guidance/training materials and data access tools (will be published soon!). We’ll be leveraging that work to share a list very soon – but encourage the community to jump in and build on this and share any other tools, portals or other resources they have built or come across.
Lucas Foganholo

Thanks for sharing the link [~527]! And [~494], thanks for letting us know - really looking forward to seeing this list published here in Connect in the coming weeks.

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