Data Publishing Charter - Consultation

IATI Connect • 23 November 2020

Dear members of the IATI Publishing Community of Practice (COP), 

Welcome to this first consultation of this COP.

We are seeking your inputs on the ultimate design of your community, to ensure that the COP is demand-driven and responsive to your needs, through crowd sourcing inputs to a COP ‘Charter’ (please see a zero draft attached here). The Charter is a foundational document, which is shaped and designed by you, members of the community, to lay out the thematic scope, guiding principles and ways in which you see this COP providing value to you and others. This draft Charter is an informal, adaptable and highly flexible document that reflects the current needs and preferences of the COP, and it may change over time. However, the inputs you provide here will be crucial to laying a strong foundation for this COP and outlining on which issues and through which mechanisms COP members will engage.  

As such, we would invite your comments via the comment box on the following guiding questions by 15 January 2021:

  1. Are the goals outlined in the draft Charter aligned with your expectations and personal goals for engaging with IATI Connect? If not, how could the goals be strengthened or improved?
  2. What are the key topics or issues you would like to see addressed under this COP in the first half of 2021?
  3. Do you have comments on the draft Charter itself?

Following the closure of this consultation on 15 January, a revised Charter will be shared with the community. For further questions on how to post or engage in this consultation, please see our 'how to documents': User Guide or Getting Started or contact us via

We would also invite you to participate in consultations around the two other Communities of Practice, the Data Use Community and Technical Community, as appropriate to your role.

We look forward to hearing from you – and welcome again to the Publishing Community of Practice and IATI Connect!


IATI Connect Team