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We are trying to create a standardised list of different humanitarian and international development organisations. Is there an easy way to fetch this dataset?

To increase the complexity level - if organisation names are saved in different languages, then is there a predefined way to link them?

e.g. Médecins Sans Frontières with Doctors Without Borders


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Michelle Levesque
Michelle Levesque

Hello Anand. 

I've been struggling with this since I started my IATI journey 3 years ago and based on another conversation thread I started about one month ago, the conclusion is that there is no way for a basic (read: non technical) user to query the datastore for this and there is no publicly available tool which data mines for it.  I believe technical gurus can use some sort of API or some other database query tool to get to it.  Hopefully you have internal IT support who might be able to help.

I know within the UN we've discussed having a list of common donors for internal UN reporting consistency but it has only been mentioned.  As far as I know there is no one actually working on creating said list.    

Here is the link to the other discussion thread.  Perhaps it will help or at least explain a bit more.


Good Luck.

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