Here, we would like to continue our discussion on "Exchanging project geodata using IATI“. initiated during the BMZ- and KfW-hosted Conference “Fragile Contexts, Digitalisation, Remote Management, Monitoring and Verification” on 21.01.2021.


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IATI Technical Team

Areas for conversation coming from the KfW include:

  • We need greater take up of the location element. Can we streamline/standardise this part of the Standard?
  • Can we standardise the Geographic Vocabulary list or recommend use of a particular vocabulary?
  • Is there a way we can standardise town/village name that will also be accepted by the particular country?
  • Suggestion to change the Geographic Location Reach codelist to include 'point', 'line', 'polygon' to better reflect the geo region covered.
  • The Location Type codelist is too large and not development/humanitarian specific enough. Is there a better codelist we can use?

Would a codelist like the Anderson Classification system be helpful?




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