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In the Spotlight…

Community Discussion: Responsible Transparency

Following the presentation and discussion held on the second day of the VCE 2, we invite you to participate in the Community Discussion on Responsible Transparency by 22 October. Watch the recording of the VCE 2 session to get inspired and help contribute to IATI’s thinking on what it means to publish data in a ‘responsible’ way!

Country Development Finance Data

IATI data on development finance is now accessible to far more data users, with the launch of newly translated resources in an updated version of the Country Development Finance Data tool. Spreadsheets, guidance, and documentation are now available in French, and Portuguese and Spanish versions will be available by the end of October. Additional information is also now provided in the spreadsheets. Access the tool here in English and French and visit IATI Connect to learn more.  

Recap Virtual Community Exchange 2 - 12 & 13 October 

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the second Virtual Community Exchange (VCE 2)! The two-day event was full of meaningful and interactive discussions, thanks to contributions from over 300 registered participants. 

Missed the VCE 2? Check out the recap of all sessions, including presentations and recordings. 


Please share your feedback on the VCE2 meeting by 29 October! The survey takes 7-8 minutes, all answers are anonymous and it is really important in order to help us improve for future meetings. 

VCE 2 Post-Event Survey

Opening Session:  'the role of transparency in development effectiveness: perspectives from a post-COVID world'

Events coming up!

IATI Data Use Drop-In 

25 October 2021 - 12:30-13:30 (UTC)

Do you need support accessing, using or analysing IATI data? Then the monthly IATI Data Use Drop-In is the perfect event for you! During the session you can ask members of the Secretariat, or fellow data users, your questions, as well as exchange experiences! Don’t forget to enroll here, join via Zoom, and reach out directly for support at any time via support@iatistandard.org

Data Use Working Group meeting

2 November 2021 - 14:00-15:00 (UTC)

Are you interested in IATI data use matters? Or do you have a data use story you’d like to present? Then join us for the next bi-weekly IATI Data Use Working Group (DUWG) meeting, open to anyone with an interest in data use. If you’d like to share your case of IATI data use contact the Group Chair Mark Brough (mark.brough@gmail.com) or Secretariat Coordinator Annelise Parr (annelise.parr@undp.org). Don’t forget to Enroll for the event and contact the IATI Secretariat via connect@iatistandard.org if you would like to receive the standing Outlook invitation for meetings. 

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