RECAP - IATI’s (missing) links in Latin America: outreach opportunities

This hybrid session explored how (re-)engaging with ‘Missing Links’ could help bolster the transparency-sector in Latin America, and at the same time support the drive for inclusivity and diversity within IATI. As concrete case-studies, we took a closer look at the open data and transparency landscapes in Brazil, Honduras and Ecuador. By demystifying the entry-barriers to becoming engaged in IATI we explored the reasons for Latin American countries to (not) use IATI data. Ultimately this session aimed  to open a further discussion on IATI’s potential Outreach opportunities in Latin America. 


  • Julio López, Co-founder at DataLat; 
  • Jenny Berganza, M&E Analyst at UNDP Honduras; 
  • Luiza Mateo, Professor at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo.

Check out the recording of this session on Youtube here;

You can access the presentation for this session here;

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