In the second edition of our ‘Monthly Snapshot’ we want to provide you with an overview of what is happening on IATI Connect, ensuring you stay up to date on progress across the COPs and learn more about upcoming activities, consultations and ways to engage with the wider IATI community. With nearly 450 accounts, we are seeing a steady growth in the user base of IATI Connect. Keep spreading the word and encourage colleagues and other contacts to sign-up!


In Case You Missed It

News: Country Development Finance Data

A new IATI data access tool has been released, providing a simple, Excel-formatted set of data on projections and spending by country, in order to meet the needs of colleagues in partner countries. Access the tool now via, get more information on why it was developed and what it offers to you, or drop your questions under this informative thread.

Discussion: OECD DAC codelist updates 

IATI has now replicated the latest updates from the OECD DAC with changes and additions to relevant codelists. Changes are now live on the IATI website, and were implemented in the following codelists: AidType, DAC 5 Digit Sector Codes and Chanel Codes. Access this  discussion to learn more about changes to existing codes, and contribute to the discussion by leaving a comment below.

Discussion: Participating Organization / Organisation Search

Join this discussion on how certain organidations are classified by publishers, and how to get to access the data without going one-by-one into each activity through d-portal. Leave your input on the questions, both for data users and publishers!

Peek into...the Technical Community

In each edition of the monthly Snapshot, we take a quick peek into one of our Communities. This edition focuses on the Technical Community. Among other things, this month we’ve collected your feedback on the draft API Contract in this IATI Validator Public API-Discussion, an update was given on the release of the Validator Web 1.5.0., the launch of the enhanced Registry API Document was shared here, and a “little service” to help people preview their IATI data in a private version of d-portal was released (more information on that can be found here).


In the Spotlight

Event: IATI’s Virtual Community Exchange (April 13th)

On 13 April, IATI will organise its first IATI Virtual Community Exchange! Make sure to register by 9 April, find more information on upcoming sessions and check out our “Getting Ready” one-pager

This ‘Virtual Community Exchange’ will be informal, interactive and community-driven, focusing on engaging with the wider IATI community and providing opportunities for shared learning based on practical experiences in engaging with IATI data. Any relevant information on the VCE will be posted on this dashboard on IATI Connect.

Survey: Take the IATI Strategic Plan Results Survey

In line with the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, IATI is undertaking a systematic effort to track the quality and use of IATI data and the strength of IATI community engagement. To collect data for the past year, IATI is inviting all colleagues who accessed or used IATI data in 2020 to complete this brief survey by 25 March (which should take approximately 5 minutes).


IATI Connect Stories

Check out the second edition of IATI Connect Stories, our monthly vlog showcasing the work of an IATI Connect member! This month: David Megginson from the Centre for Humanitarian Data. The State of Open Humanitarian Data report was driven by data grids for each country to show what’s there and what’s missing. The Centre for Humanitarian Data is working actively with country teams to try to fill those gaps, and they encourage the IATI community to do the same. If you have good quality data that’s actively maintained, but you need help making it available, please get in touch with them at You can also find this vlog with Spanish and French subtitles!

Want to be featured in IATI Connect Stories? Contact us via


Learn More About IATI Connect

IATI Connect offers seamless translation across the entire platform, and our helpful user guides are also now available in Spanish and French. Check them out and get Connect-ed today in over 100 languages. Check out our translated guidance materials in Spanish and French via this IATI Connect dashboard. Learn how to set up your account, follow and create content, and stay engaged on the platform.

Top Tip for March: Job Notifications

Check out our new Job Opportunities section on the homepage of IATI Connect where you can share open vacancies or find your next job!

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