FAQ IATI Members' Assembly and Community Exchange

IATI Members' Assembly and Community Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

IATI is hosting an in-person Members' Assembly and Community Exchange from 13-16 March in Copenhagen, Denmark. You can find answers to frequently asked questions on this page. These FAQs are part of a living document, where you can access the most up-to-date FAQs. We encourage you to check back frequently to find the latest news via the MA / Community Exchange Event page. Tip: make sure to click the 'Follow Content'-button on the Event page to receive notifications whenever we post an update! 

Latest update: 24 January 2023. 

1. What are the main goals of the IATI Members’ Assembly and Community Exchange?

IATI’s Members’ Assembly (MA) is a recurrent annual event that brings together all IATI member organizations (do note that the MA is only open to IATI members). Before the actual MA (14 March) there are several constituency-based meetings (caucuses), which will be hosted at UN City on 13 March (afternoon). The main objectives of the MA are:

  1. To discuss and approve recommendations by the Governing Board on strategic direction and oversight of the Strategic Plan thereby ensuring that IATI continues to support its members in meeting their global transparency commitments.
  2. To support a wide range of stakeholders within the development cooperation architecture and ensure that the IATI Standard continues to evolve to meet the requirements of all stakeholders.
  3. To ensure that IATI meets the needs of key users of information, in particular partner countries and civil society; 
  4. To ensure that IATI builds on and adds value to existing national and global systems and standards that seek to improve the transparency of resources available for development.

The Community Exchange is a hybrid networking event to facilitate an open and constructive dialogue between different actors of the wider IATI Community. Everyone with an interest in transparency and open data is invited to join or (co-)host sessions. The Community Exchange will take place on 15 and 16 March. The main objectives are: 

  1. To raise the profile of IATI within the international development and open data communities, demonstrating the key role of development cooperation data for the achievement of better development outcomes, national priorities, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  
  2. To share learning based on practical experiences, which fosters a better understanding of applying modern technologies and resolving aid transparency-related challenges.
  3. To facilitate dialogue between different actors and stakeholder groups within the IATI community, encompassing technical and policy experts, and open data and transparency advocates and organizations.
  4. To provide space for different Communities of Practice to meet amongst themselves as a culmination of the first year of their work. 
  5. To strengthen and expand the network of IATI partners and stakeholder organizations. 
2. How can I attend?

The MA (open to IATI members only) and Community Exchange will be in-person, although some sessions will be hosted in-person at UN City in Copenhagen, some sessions will also be made accessible to the online audience.  IATI members are strongly encouraged to attend both events in person.

Please register before Monday 13 February via this link (or copy-paste https://forms.gle/6wzuBEKvS1p7ZBwQ7).

3. Who are the target audiences?

The Caucuses and the Members' Assembly days (13-14 March) are only open to official IATI member organizations (see the list here). Each organization may send more than one participant, subject to capacity at UN City. Do note that each organization will have one official representative who is eligible to vote. 

The Community Exchange (15-16 March) is open to everyone with an interest in IATI, or transparency at large. 

4. Am I eligible to receive travel facilitation?

Travel funding and facilitation for the event will be offered by UNOPS and made available to Partner Country Governments which are official IATI Members (see the list here). One representative per Partner Country Government can be eligible to apply for travel funding. Do make sure to register at the latest by Wednesday 1 February. Upon your registration the Secretariat will reach out to you with further information on travel facilitation.

5. I need more information about visas, for example support with a visa letter.

Denmark is a member of the Schengen Area. If you need a visa for your trip to Denmark, we would like to encourage you to make the necessary arrangements. Visa matters are participants’ own responsibility and take into account that processing time for visas may vary. 

Should you need a personal letter of invitation to support your visa application and facilitate a smooth entry to Denmark for the meeting, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing simonad@unops.org

6. How can I register? 

Registration for both the MA and Community Exchange is now open. Make sure to register your participation at the latest Monday, 13 February. 

Do note that Partner Country Governments, who receive travel facilitation, will need to register before Wednesday, 1 February to ensure adequate time for travel arrangements.

7.  I cannot attend the event in person, what are my options?

Although we encourage everyone to join us in-person in case you will not be able to travel you can also opt for accessing (most) of the sessions via the Zoom Event Space online. You can indicate this in your registration. Online sessions will be recorded and made available after the event. 

8. When will the agenda be shared?

We intend to share the agenda for the MA and Community Exchange by mid-February. Any updates to the MA and Community Exchange will be posted on the event page on IATI Connect: Community-Event-2023 (Tip: click ‘Follow Content’ to receive notifications).   

9. How can I present or showcase my organization, product, service and/or tool?  event agenda and schedule?

There are two ways to present or showcase your organization during the Community Exchange days (15-16 March): You can either submit a session proposal and/or secure a stand at the Data Use / Supplier Market. For both options, you can show your interest via the registration link. 

You can submit a session-proposal through the registration, or submit it afterwards by using this form (or copy-paste: https://forms.gle/hNBFrGnCzwMFRZBw6). Make sure to submit your proposal by Monday 13 February. 

10. What hotels are recommended in Copenhagen, and are they pre-booked?

There are several hotels available in the vicinity of UN City in Copenhagen. The suggested hotels can be found below (or here). Please note that hotels are not pre-booked, and each participant is responsible for arranging their own accommodation during the event. When booking please mention that you are a participant of the Members’ Assembly / Community Exchange, organized by the UN agencies UNOPS/UNDP, and request the UN rates. 

For more information on logistics, please reach-out to Secretariat-colleague Maria Molsa via mariamo@unops.org. Here are the suggested hotels in Copenhagen including contact information: 

Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade

Borgergade 9-13, 1300 Copenhagen K

Air Distance from UN City: 1,5km

Tel: +45 4480 0090

Email: borgergade@wakeupcopenhagen.dk

Web: www.wakeupcopenhagen.dk

Wakeup Copenhagen Bernstorffsgad

Bernstorffsgade 37, 1577 Copenhagen V

Air Distance from UN city: 3.1km

Tel: +45 4480 0110

Email: bernstorffsgade@wakeupcopenhagen.dk

Web: www.wakeupcopenhagen.dk

Wakeup CPH, Carsten Niebuhrs Gade

Carsten Niebuhrs Gade 11, 1577 Copenhagen V

Air Distance from UN city: 3.1km

Tel: +45 4480 0000

Email: wakeupcopenhagen@arp-hansen.dk

Web: www.wakeupcopenhagen.dk

Adina Apartment Hotel Copenhagen

Amerika Plads 7, 2100 Copenhagen OE

Air Distance from UN city: 1.0km

Tel: +45 88 19 36 51

Email: acph@adina.eu

Web: www.adina.eu

Charlottehaven Hotel

Hjørringgade 12C. 2100 København Ø

Air Distance from UN city: 1.0km

Tel: +45 35 27 15 00

Email: booking@charlottehaven.com

Web: www.charlottehaven.com

Stay Apartments-Seaport

Murmanskgade 15, 2150 Nordhavn

Air Distance from UN city: 0.3km

Tel: +45 72 44 44 34

Email:  sea@stayapartments.dk

Web: https://stayapartments.dk/seaport/

Copenhagen Island

Kalvebod Brygge 53, 1560 Copenhagen V

Air Distance from UN city: 4.0km

Tel: +4533389600

Email: copenhagenisland@arp-hansen.dk

Web: https://www.copenhagenisland.com

71 Nyhavn Hotel

Nyhavn 71, 1051 Copenhagen K

Air Distance from UN city: 1.8km

Tel: +4533436200

Email: 71nyhavnhotel@arp-hansen.dk

Web: https://www.71nyhavnhotel.com 

First Hotel Østerport

Oslo Plads 5, DK 2100 Copenhagen

Air Distance from UN city: 1.9km

Tel: +45 7012 4646

Email: reception.osterport@firsthotels.dk

Web: www.firsthotels.dk

Imperial Hotel

Farimagsgade 9, 1606 Copenhagen V

Air Distance from UN city: 2.7km

Tel: +4533128000

Email: imperialhotel@arp-hansen.dk

Web: https://www.imperial-hotel-copenhagen.com/

11. Where can I find more information?

You can find any latest updates on the MA and Community Exchange event page on IATI Connect: Community-Event-2023

If you have questions about registration or issues not addressed above, please contact the Secretariat via Maria Molsa - mariamo@unops.org and Sander Hees - sander.hees@undp.org

For additional information on IATI’s Communities of Practice and / or IATI Connect, please contact us at connect@iatistandard.org.