IATI Data Access Tools

IATI Secretariat • 5 February 2021

Below you will find a list of tools where you can access data published to IATI. 

It includes tools provided by IATI, including d-portal and the IATI Datastore, along with tools produced by the IATI community. This list is intended to be a resource for data users looking to explore IATI data and we welcome inputs from the community on how to make the list more useful. We also encourage members of the community to share if there are any tools that need to be added here. 

We will regularly update the list based on your comments!

Tools (update: 8 February 2021)
Name (incl. URL) Producer Language
Provided by IATI
1 d-portal IATI English
2 IATI Datastore IATI English
External tools
3 AIDA The Open Data Company: Zimmerman and Data4Development English
4 COVID-19 Response  Grand Bargain - Development Initiatives, Government of Netherlands, World Bank Group  English
5 HDX International Aid Transparency Initiative Centre for Humdata English
6 IATI Data Dump Code for IATI English
7 IATI Humanitarian Data Portal Grand Bargain - Development Initiatives, Government of Netherlands, World Bank Group English
External Tools - Publisher Portals that provide access to data published to IATI
8 Atlas: The Oxfam Project Browser Oxfam Novib English
9 Danida Open Aid Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark English, Danish
10 Data Portal African Development Bank English, French
11 Development Tracker Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (formerly DFID) English
12 EU Aid Explorer European Commission English
13 ForeignAssistance.gov US Federal Government English
14 Les données de l’aide au développement Agence Française de Développement French
15 METIS 2.0 Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs English
16 Open.Enabel Belgium Development Agency English, French, Dutch
17 OpenaidNL Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs English, French, Dutch
18 Openaid: Open government data of Swedish aid Swedish International Development Agency English, Swedish
19 Project Browser Global Affairs Canada English, French
20 The Transparency Portal of UN-Habitat UN Habitat English
21 The WHO Programme Budget portal WHO English
22 Project Database Netherlands Enterprise Agency English
23 Transparenz fuer mehr Wirksamkeit BMZ German
24 Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Grants Portal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Norad

English, Norwegian

25 UNDP Transparency Portal UNDP English
26 UNOPS - Open Data UNOPS English
27 USAID Foreign Aid Explorer USAID English





Comments (7)

Erik Hesseling

Thanks for having this first list. There are many more to be added. I started this topic but even the portal of my organisation, https://aiddata.rvo.nl. is not added. And I mentioned others at https://projects.rvo.nl/iati-portals.
And in my point of view publishing this list only at IATI Connect is showing it to already 'IATI believers'. The goal of my topic was showing these kind of portals worldwide. So why not also highlight it at the IATI website? For example at the Homepage at 'Getting Started"

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  • Sarah McDuff - IATI Secretariat

    Thanks for your quick engagement on this! With the launch of Connect we intend to shift the sharing of some resources (e.g. list of data access tools, training materials) to Connect – as they are resources that benefit from community inputs and need to be updated frequently. But on the question re: where this shared – really good point here! There are plans to share the link to this list on the IATI website and we will update when this has been done.

    This specific list is intended to capture tools that provide access to data published to IATI (using as a starting point a list created by Open Data Watch under an activity supported by the DUWG). We did check the list that you shared and added a couple from there but not all met this criteria (we overlooked the inclusion of your site but it is now added – apologies for this!). If the community would find it helpful to have a broader list of publisher portals (that contain project info) – that may or may not provide access to data published to IATI – we can create a list for that as well! And if there are ones that do indeed provide access to IATI data that we have omitted (e.g. a couple that Maaike has noted), please highlight those specifically and we can add.

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  • Maaike Blom

    [~494] I would like to propose a few more open data country portals to be added this list:
    Germany: https://www.bmz.de/de/ministerium/zahlen_fakten/transparenz-fuer-mehr-W…
    France: data.gouv.fr
    Norway: https://www.norad.no/en/front/toolspublications/aid-transparency/

    And our meta portal on top of the whole Datastore:
    We have developed AIDA as a visual layer on top of all the available IAT data. The target group are aid professionals who can benefit by getting insight into who funds what where. By using the (IATI) standard, we can harmonise the data, so this platform can make use of all the published IATI data sets to visualise data for any IATI element (country, donor, sector etc.).

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  • Sarah McDuff - IATI Secretariat

    Thanks for these inputs! We will add AIDA, the BMZ portal, and this one for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Norad: http://udtilskudd.regjeringen.no/#/en/country?year=2020 The other one for Norway seems to provide access to the data they publish to OECD. :) And it's not clear that the French portal is providing access to data published to IATI (based on the info on the site) but let me know if you have additional info on this one!

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  • Maaike Blom

    [~494] great if you could add these. I suggest you reach out as IATI secretariat to check directly with the French Foreign Ministry people. More effective than when I do it probably ;0).

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