Data Quality Index Consultation Update (6 May 2022)

Many thanks to the IATI community for your participation in the first two parts of the Data Quality Index methodology consultation: (1) Timeliness and Validation and (2) Data Completeness. The comments from the community via Connect and in the two consultation webinars have provided a wide range of perspectives on what should be measured and how. 

The IATI Secretariat will be pausing the consultation to reflect on how the initial methodology should be updated to meet the needs expressed across our diverse publishers and data users. Specifically there will be careful consideration on how to resolve issues on divergent views on the methodology.

The Secretariat will shortly post a summary of the feedback received from the part 2 consultation on Data Completeness. The third part of the consultation: (3) Weights and Measures will be postponed (including the planned webinar on 12 May) to enable the Secretariat to work on proposing an updated methodology to share with the community. 

Many thanks for all participation in the DQI so far and stay updated on the next stages and dates of the consultation here. Access below all webinar recordings, comments and documentation posted on the DQI consultation to date.


Dear IATI Community members,

On 15 February we have launched the second phase of the Data Quality Index Consultation. From 28 March the section on Data Completeness is open! 

Find out below how you can engage! 

What is this Consultation about?

As part of the IATI Strategic Plan (2020-2025), our initiative is committed to supporting organisations to publish high-quality IATI data. To help achieve this, and in response to a request from IATI members, a set of revised data quality measures is being developed, to underscore 'what good quality data looks like' for IATI’s more than 1,300 publishers. These measures will form the basis of a 'Data Quality Index', which will allow publishers to better understand their successes and challenges along the IATI data quality journey, and help ensure their data can be used by intended beneficiaries at the country level.

How can I engage? 

This second part of the Data Quality Index Consultation is divided into three parts:

(1) Timeliness and Validation => Read the Summary

(2) Data Completeness (28 March - 29 April);

(3) Weights and Measures => POSTPONED

For the first two, participants need a good level of understanding and knowledge of the IATI Standard. The third part does not require technical knowledge and will look at assigning significance to each measure and how these can be used to form a summary. The IATI Secretariat will hold webinars for each part of the Consultation to explain the process, measures and how to engage.  

From 28 March until 29 April the Consultation on Data Completeness is open for your feedback!

Share your input by clicking on the buttons below to access each of the subsections.

Data Completeness - 2.1.1 & 2.1.2 Mandatory and Recommended

Data Completeness -2.3.1 - 2.3.5 Classification and 2.5 Sustainable Development Goals

Data Completeness - 2.9.1 - 2.9.4 Results / 2.10.1 and 2.10.2 Document Links / 2.2 Location

Data Completeness - 2.8.1 Humanitarian

Data Completeness - 2.6.1 - 2.6.4 Identifiers and traceability

Data Completeness -2.7.1 / 2.7.2 / 2.7.3 Financial

Data Completeness - 2.8.2 Humanitarian

Instructions for submitting your feedback:

  • Share your feedback through the comment box in the Discussion thread (accessible through the subsections / yellow buttons above);

Want to know more?

  • Watch the recordings and presentation of Webinar 2 on Data Completeness (30 March) here
  • Or check out other useful DQI-resources: 

FAQ DQI- Webinar 1

 Follow-up summary from Discussion 1

Background Paper

Data Quality Index webinar on 20 October 

UPDATE: thank you for sharing your input on Timeliness and Validation.

Read the Summary 

Although there will not be active moderation from this point, we still welcome any (late) feedback on the Timeliness and Validation-discussions. 

Click on the buttons below to access each of the subsections on Timeliness and Validation. 

1.1 Timeliness - Frequency

1.2.1 Timeliness - Timelag (all transactions)

1.2.2 Timeliness - Timelag (spend transactions)

1.3 Timeliness - Spend Updates and 1.4 Timeliness - Active Publishers

3.1 Validation - Summary and 3.3 Validation - Activities

3.2 Validation - Progress

In case you have any additional questions related to the Consultation, please contact us via