Monthly Snapshot - April 2021

IATI Secretariat • 21 April 2021

In this Special Edition of our 'Monthly Snapshot', we’re providing a recap of the excellent Virtual Community Exchange sessions, as well as our monthly video series IATI Connect Stories. As always, keep reading to stay up to date on progress across the COPs and learn more about upcoming activities and ways to engage with the wider IATI community.


VCE Recap

At IATI’s first Virtual Community Exchange, we heard about recent and upcoming IATI activities, had engaging discussions with peers in the IATI community and considered IATI’s progress vis-à-vis the current state of transparency and open data in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals. Find individual session take-aways, presentations and videos on IATI Connect.


In the Spotlight

New group: Newbies Corner

Join a new group for IATI newcomers! The Newbies Corner on IATI Connect aims to provide IATI newcomers with useful information, and will be an easy-to-access digital space where newbies can ask questions, engage in peer learning and help make the on-boarding process into IATI as smooth as possible.


IATI Connect Stories

Check out the third edition of IATI Connect Stories, our monthly video series showcasing the work of an IATI community member. This month, Maaike Blom from Data4Development shares their interest in IATI Connect, their new data visualisation platform and a call-to-action for the IATI community. You can also watch this vlog with Spanish or French subtitles!

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Top Tip for April: Tagging Content

Check out IATI Connect's tagging feature to easily sort through relevant content. Filter by Communities of Practice, IATI Standard Management issues, content type or theme. Tag your own contributions and help others find and engage with all types of content across the platform. Remember: All new discussion posts must also be tagged as "Active Discussions"!